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With our experience and stock of Wefatherm PP-R pipe systems – the UK’s only WRAS approved PP-R pipe system – we are pleased to offer pre-insulated pp-r pipe for district heating, cooling and potable water applications. Call us now for more information.

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Wefatherm PPR Pipe

We stock Wefatherm PP-R green plastic, fusion-welded, pipe from Germany.


Available in 20mm to 250mm sizes for hot and cold use, Wefatherm typically gives a 30% saving over standard copper prices. Further savings are promised through shorter installation times [using socket-weld heating plates rather than flame], lack of on-site theft, and ease of handling.

It makes Wefatherm PP-R green pipe the pipe of choice in all new build and refurbishment environments.

Ask about our pre-insulated Wefatherm PP-R pipe systems for district heating, cooling and potable water applications.

For further Wefatherm PP-R green pipe product information (manuals, technical information, brochures, approvals/certification, video tutorials, CAD drawings), and UK contact details, please go to:

For any new and innovative products, especially the Wefatherm PP-R green pipe system, we offer on-site or off-site training and guidance to ensure appointed installers can confidently and efficiently apply the products to relevant projects.

For availability and prices please call us on 020 8336 1336 or use the contact us form.