Professional Plumbing Supplies Ltd
175-181 Kingston Road, New Malden, Surrey KT3 3SX

You have all been a valued suppliers and customers with us for many years.

In the past months we were working to be taken over by a large company in the industry, under the Heads of Terms signed in January 2022.

Sadly, I was informed yesterday that the acquirer will have their winding up order published shortly, having seen one of their key debtors, being wound up last week owing them a substantial sum.

They worked on 4 financing proposals to try and rescue them, all of which either failed or were too little too late.

To that end I have now instructed Chris Latos of White Maund to assist me to place the Company into liquidation and assist with winding down the affairs at PPS to put them in an orderly state.

I am of course available to help where necessary, but I am now in Chris’s capable hands.

Thank for your past support and good luck to you all.

Keith Johnson

Managing Director.