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We’re all familiar with Kitemarking as a sign of quality.

The Kitemark shows that a product is manufactured to the relevant standard. Seeing the Kitemark means you don’t have to go through your own expensive tests to be sure.

Have you paused to think how this might apply to everyday copper pipe, or tube?

With the cost of installation being such a high percentage of any job, you don’t want to be let down using inferior products. You want the real deal.

The British and European Standards that apply in this country are there to ensure quality and lasting performance.

So it makes sense to choose copper pipe that meets the standards.

BE WARNED! There is plenty of copper pipe available THAT IS NOT KITEMARKED. Sometimes it’s cheap; sometimes it’s not-so-cheap.

Go on – have a look for the Kitemark etched on your copper pipe.

Granted, it’s not always easy to spot but it’s well worth the effort for peace of mind that you aren’t going to be let down.

If you can’t spot the Kitemark have a word with your supplier. But don’t let them persuade you it isn’t important.

Otherwise, if you want to be sure to buy Kitemarked copper in the future, gives us a try here at 175-181 Kingston Road.

ALL our copper is Kitemarked. It’s the real deal.